Food glossary



A deliciously sweet, but tangy and juicy medium-sized berry, dark purple to black in colour. Blackberries are also known as brambles - this refers to the plant from which they are picked. Frozen blackberries are available as part of a frozen mixed summer fruits selection, also containing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and redcurrants. Available in autumn.

Uses: Blackberries can be eaten fresh or stewed, included in mousses, fools, pies and crumbles (often with apples) or made into jelly rather than jam (blackberry seeds can be quite tough and chewy in jam).

To store: Keep blackberries in the fridge, without washing them, but they are delicate and need to be eaten as soon as possible. Blackberries can be frozen and included in pie or crumble fillings.

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