Food glossary



Inside the kiwi fruit's brown and hairy exterior is a vivid green centre, streaked with tiny black seeds, which has a texture that is similar to a strawberry. When ripe, the fruit should give slightly in the palm of your hand. Easy to eat, kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges and lemons. Available all year.

Uses: Serve slices of kiwi fruit with cheesecake, pavlova, ice cream or fruit salad. Alternatively, slice off the top and scoop out the centre with a teaspoon as if eating a boiled egg. Children love eating them this way - pop one in their lunchbox for a healthy treat.

To store: Store at room temperature. To ripen kiwi fruits, put them in a brown paper bag in a warm place.

To prepare: Peel off the thin skin with a knife or peeler, then slice.