Food glossary



Partridge is a small game bird with a pale flesh, similar to chicken, and a delicate flavour. Waitrose Easy to Carve Partridge (deboned with leg bones remaining) with pork, apple, cider and sage stuffing is available in store.

A fresh boned and stuffed bird weighs about 200g, so allow one bird per person. The birds are sourced with full traceability direct from select approved shoots on country estates in southern England and the Midlands from 1 September to 31 January.

Uses: Roast Waitrose Easy to Carve Partridge and serve it with simple accompaniments such as game chips (thinly sliced deep-fried potatoes) seasonal vegetables and redcurrant jelly.

To store: Keep refrigerated below 4C. Keep covered and store at the bottom of the fridge. Once opened, consume within 2 days. Do not exceed the use-by date. Freeze partridge on the day of purchase in a four star food freezer or three star frozen food compartment at -18C or colder. Use within one month. Defrost fully in the fridge before use and do not refreeze once thawed. Wash all work surfaces, chopping boards, utensils and hands thoroughly after touching raw meat.

To prepare: Remove all packaging. Partridge is quite lean and should be brushed with oil and basted before, and during cooking to prevent it from drying out. Alternatively, cover the bird with thin rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon before roasting.

To cook: Preheat the oven to 200C, gas mark 6. Roast for 35-40 minutes, basting frequently during cooking. Cook thoroughly until the juices run clear when pierced with a fork and there is no pink meat. Do not reheat once cooled. Cool any leftovers to room temperature, refrigerate within 2 hours and consume within 2 days.