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Enjoying a drink


A traditional Spanish fortified wine that is made from white wine. A wide variety of different sherries are available in Waitrose including:


Literally 'in the style of Montilla', Amontillado sherry has a dry to medium nutty concentrated flavour. Choose from Waitrose Sherry pale cream, Waitrose Amontillado or Croft Particular Pale Amontillado. Serve Amontillado sherry with salted almonds and olives as an aperitif.


A pale golden, dry, tangy sherry with a delicate flavour. It has a subtle yeasty flavour which develops with the growth of a film of yeast culture over the surface of the wine. Fino sherry is best served well chilled and connoisseurs will serve it from a freshly opened bottle. In Spain fino sherry may be served with a meal instead of wine.