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Star anise

Star anise

Also known as Chinese anise, star anise is one of the most popular spices in Chinese cuisine. The whole spice is a hard pointed star and each point of the star contains one light brown seed. Despite its name it is not related to anise, but the seeds have the same aniseed/liquorice flavour and aroma.

Uses: Star anise is one of the ingredients in Chinese five spice powder. It adds a distinctive flavour to a variety of savoury Oriental-style dishes and goes particularly well with poultry, fish and shellfish recipes. Star anise is also used for adding flavour to drinks and sweets.

To store: Star anise should be stored in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place.

To use: Star anise is added whole to the cooking liquid in savoury dishes, where it imparts its flavour during the cooking time .It can be removed before eating or used as a garnish for the finished dish.