Food glossary



Thought of as a very English fruit, the modern strawberry is now available all year. Elsanta is the preferred English variety, which is orange/red in colour. Other summer varieties include Everest, the dark red berry, and the French speciality, Gariguette. Tamar, a sweet berry, takes the strawberry season past Christmas, while Camarosa which is red to dark red in colour, carries on until Easter.

Uses: Perfect for jams, fruit salads, to top desserts and delicious with clotted cream.

To store: Strawberries should be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days. Serve at room temperature to bring out the full flavour.

To prepare: Strawberries are usually very clean and do not need much washing. However, if you do wash them, they should be hulled (the stalks and leaves removed) afterwards to prevent water entering the fruit and making it soggy.

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