Food glossary



Less commonly used than black or redcurrants, small smooth whitecurrants are seedlings from red currants that have no colour pigment. They grow in clusters on woody stalks and have a sweeter flavour than redcurrants.

Uses: Combine whitecurrants with red and blackcurrants for a contrast in colour and flavour and use to top meringues or in tarts and pastries.

To store: Keep in the fridge for 2-3 days or until the best before date.

To prepare: To remove the berries from the stalks, hold each stalk at the top with the berries at the bottom and run a fork down each one. The berries should come away easily, without being damaged. Wash thoroughly before use.

To cook: To poach whitecurrants add a little cold water and 50g caster sugar per 450g of fruit, simmer gently until just tender.

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