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What’s delicious in March

Stride into spring with homegrown veg including chicory, which works beautifully in hearty salads and is delicious griddled. Or add a dash of sunshine to your cooking with Mediterranean citrus fruit - beautiful Sorrento lemons are at their best right now


Balsamic red chicory and pancetta penne

From pan to plate in 25 minutes, this dish marries chicory with flavourful pancetta in an elegant pasta dish for 4. Serve with generous amounts of grated Parmigiano

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Grilled breakfast papaya

Dream of sunnier climes with this tropical start to your day. Spoon brown sugar over papaya, then grill until caramelised. Serve with a dollop of yogurt, topped with granola

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Lemon and fennel risotto

Sorrento lemons give this risotto a fresh-tasting flavour while fennel brings a beautiful hint of aniseed

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Sorrento lemons

Bring a little sunshine into your kitchen with beautiful Sorrento lemons. They’re substantially bigger and juicier than your average variety, and their unwaxed zest contains an intensely aromatic oil that works well in both savoury and sweet dishes


The elegant, torpedo-shaped chicory bulb is an obligingly versatile vegetable. Its striking, crisp leaves are classically served in a salad, but they’re also delicious griddled, grilled, fried or roasted


With a subtler, creamier taste than the more familiar mango, papaya is worth getting to know. Enjoy it grilled for breakfast or as a virtuous pud. It also works well in a relish or salsa – a sassy accompaniment to grilled meat or fish