The Waitrose Food & Drink Report

The Food & Drink Report is produced using extensive research into the top food and drink trends of 2019. We carried out consumer research with 2,000 people of all ages – not exclusively Waitrose & Partners shoppers. This research was supported by focus groups in which participants were asked in-depth questions about their shopping, cooking and eating habits. The insights are then backed up with sales data from the last 12 months.

Find out how compassion is on the rise, how we’re cooking simpler than ever, who’s eating what flavour of crisps and more weird
and wonderful trends below.

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Find out what stood out in the last 12 months and discover some of the unusual trends happening in homes accross the country. Luxury frozen food is in higher demand than ever, vegan ready meals are increasing in popularity and noodles are on the rise.

Britons are moving towards a simpler existence. Our research found that families are refocusing on the fundamentals – cooking uncomplicated meals, growing their own food, taking up a traditional hobby and turning their backs on materialism.


We’ve looked into our crystal ball and found the food fashions to look out for in 2020 and beyond. Middle Eastern food is on the rise, as are flexitarian diets. We’re using less table salt, despite a love for salty tastes, and seafood is slowly catching up on more traditional meats.

Lets face it, Britain is addicted to crisps. It shows no sign of slowing and but there’s plenty of weird and wonderful facts when it comes to our crisp habits. Here, we pull out the best of the bag.

Download the Food and Drink Report 2019