The Waitrose Food & Drink Report

What's it all about?

Waitrose carried out extensive research into the top food and drink trends in 2017. We conducted OnePoll consumer research on a wide range of topics with 2,000 people of all ages — not exclusively Waitrose customers. This was supported by focus groups in which people were asked in-depth questions about their shopping, cooking and eating habits. Our research supports insights from Waitrose’s own food, drink and retail experts. It is backed up with sales data from millions of purchases throughout the year.

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Going up: What was in favour in 2017

CARBSFrom pasta to fresh bread, carbs are back!
Mac ‘n’ cheese, bulgur wheat and quinoa were among the year’s top picks. 

TURMERICThis golden Asian spice is everywhere, overtaking cinnamon this year as the top selling Waitrose spice.

BRUNCHMore and more of us are planning lazy weekend catch-ups in-between brekkie and lunch.

HERBSThey’re a quick way to add colour, freshness and a ‘cheffy’ touch to our dishes – no wonder sales of herbs have rocketed.

BUDDHA BOWLSColourful, nutritious and packed with fresh ingredients, the Instagram trend went mainstream in 2017.

DARK GREEN VEGMove over broccoli and cabbage! We’ve gone to the dark side, as a pack of cavolo nero, chard or kale is sold every second.

PEANUT BUTTERFrom ice cream to cereal, it’s popping up everywhere (and in the most popular recipes on Sales are up 20%.

PROTEINWe’ve all been powering up dishes with beans, seeds and nuts, and picking meat-based snacks like beef jerky.

BLUEBERRIESIt’s been a long time coming, but they’re now Britain’s favourite berry – finally outselling strawberries.

JUNIPER BERRIESGreat as a garnish in a G&T or to add a punch to savoury dishes, sales of these little dried fruits are up 17% this year.


1 in 7 over-55s use a knife and fork even when at home, compared to 1 in 11 people aged 18–24

1 in 4 over-55s eat their burger with a knife and fork in restaurants compared to 1 in 7 people aged 18–24

How the nation drinks
Our favourite pie fillings

What do we eat with our pie?

Chips: 46%
Mushy peas: 8%
Mash: 24%
Baked beans: 7%
Vegetables: 7%
Salad: 2%
No Accompaniment: 2%
Don't know: 4%


40% of women choose gravy with their pie (but just 28% of men)

You’re more likely to choose brown sauce the older you get. It’s 3 times more popular with over
45s than those aged 18 to 24

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