About our cherries

About our cherries

We are the only supermarket to guarantee that all our UK fresh
fruit and vegetable growers are
LEAF Marque certified to ensure
strong environmental standards

About the TV ad

The honey bees were filmed at Lower Hope Farm in Pencombe, where more than 90 tonnes of cherries are produced for Waitrose each year.


‘Each spring, we introduce around 50,000 bees,’ says farm manager Emily Hope. 

‘It’s an amazing process that many people don’t know much about. The bees are absolutely crucial to the cherry-growing process because they cross-pollinate the trees. Without them, we’d have no fruit. Between June and September, the cherries are then handpicked and transported directly to a cold store to ensure they’re as a fresh as can be.’

Like all Waitrose fresh fruit and vegetable growers, Lower Hope Farm is LEAF Marque certified, which is a guarantee to consumers that the producer operates in an environmentally responsible way.

Certified growers employ responsible farming techniques, including crop rotation, wildlife habitat creation and limit use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.


The LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) marque is a guarantee to consumers that the producer operates their business and production techniques in an environmentally responsible way.

Acting as a bridge between conventional and organic farming, the LEAF initiative encourages farmers to do more to protect and enhance the countryside by adhering to a series of integrated farm management principles including:

    • efficient soil management and appropriate     cultivation techniques

    • the use of crop rotation

    • careful choice of seed varieties

    • a commitment to animal welfare and     wildlife habitats

    • maintenance of the landscape and rural     communities

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LEAF is an independent charity dedicated to raising the integrity of British food and it advises farmers and growers on how they can meet the strict standards enabling them to display the LEAF marque on their products. Several farms that supply Waitrose already demonstrate the LEAF principles and we want to encourage all Britain’s farmers to produce food in the most responsible way, thereby offering our customers the ability to make an informed choice about the food they buy.

If you value wholesome, affordable food that is produced to environmentally and socially responsible standards then look out for the LEAF marque on Waitrose fruit and vegetables.

For more information about the LEAF initiative visit http://www.leafmarque.com/ (This link opens in a new window).

Leckford Estate ­- ­the Waitrose Farm - is a LEAF certifed farm. Find out more about Leckford Estate.