Top facts

Since its launch in 2009, the essential Waitrose
range has changed each year to reflect what
shoppers consider essential

Cheese is a big focus in the essential range. Cambozola, a German soft blue cheese, is the second most popular speciality cheese, behind Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan)

The three most popular frozen items are petits pois, blueberries and prawns

The most popular essential category is fruit and vegetables. Blueberries are the best-selling fruit and carrots are the most popular vegetable

Family essentials

Kid's teatime

essential Waitrose Haddock Fillet Fingers sales are up 169% year on year

essential Waitrose Breaded British
Chicken Breast Goujons are one of the most popular essential Waitrose chicken products

essential Waitrose Pizza is perfect for kids as it uses a sauce with no herbs and is square in shape – making it ideal for cutting up for parties and play dates

essential Waitrose 9 garlic slices: up in sales by 13%



All UK fresh fruit and vegetable growers
for essential Waitrose are LEAF Marque certified
to ensure strong environmental standards

All essential Waitrose sausages are made from British outdoor-bred pork

Our responsibly sourced essential Waitrose Cod Fish Fingers are made with line-caught cod llet pieces, coated in a light crisp crumb 
All essential Waitrose bacon comes from British outdoor-bred pigs housed in straw-bedded airy barns

All our fresh, frozen and prepared chicken comes from UK farms. We are the only supermarket to guarantee this

All essential Waitrose bananas are Fairtrade