Food glossary

Delicious quince


A member of the apple and pear family, the quince has yellow, lumpy flesh and its hard flesh has a bitter flavour. Quinces have a delicious aroma but are usually cooked before eating when the flesh turns a pinkish colour and has a sweet flavour.

Uses: Quinces can be added to apple or pear dishes to add extra flavour and colour. Quince tarts or pies were popular in the past, while quince sauce was traditionally served with partridge or other roast game. Quince jelly was popular in Britain in the last century, while quince paste (membrillo) is still a popular accompaniment to cheese in Spain.

To store: Keep in a cool, dark place for up to 2 weeks.

To use: Peel and remove the seeds before chopping the flesh and cooking as for apples or pears. Honey goes particularly well with quince and can be used instead of sugar to sweeten cooked quinces if necessary.

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