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Image of Asparagus
Image of Asparagus

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What’s delicious in May

May breezes into the kitchen like a breath of fresh air, bringing with it the first tantalising flavours of early summer. Home-grown asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes are in the first flushes of their short, intense seasons, while aubergine and dolce verde lettuce hearts reveal themselves now, too

Image of Asparagus, cheese & pumpkin seed tart


Asparagus, cheese & pumpkin seed tart

This simple tart makes a classic centrepiece for alfresco eating. It takes no time to prepare but looks the business – enjoy it with a crisp green salad and a glass of something chilled

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Image of Jersey Royals with crispy chorizo

Jersey Royals

Jersey Royals with crispy chorizo

Tender potatoes are topped with fried chorizo and shallots and tossed with a sherry vinegar and parsley dressing for  a great side with grilled chicken or fish 

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Image of Miso-glazed aubergine


Miso-glazed aubergine

Based on the famous Japanese dish, nasu dengaku, this miso aubergine is delicate, salty and sweet. Grill until golden brown and caramelised, then sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and sliced salad onions before serving

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With its glossy, dark purple skin, this elegant-looking vegetable can stand up to subtle and robust textures and flavours. It needs plenty of time (and ideally lots of oil) to cook properly. Try in baba ganoush where its blistered skin imparts a beautiful, smoky flavour, or oven-bake until creamy and tender

Dolce verde lettuce hearts

Utterly delicious in salads, these gloriously crunchy dolce verde hearts are fabulous doused with vinaigrette or chopped into wedges before drizzling with a lusciously creamy dressing. The hearts’ sturdy texture and sweet undertones mean they’re also rather wonderful when cooked.