Speciality meat


Waitrose speciality meat and game is reared to high standards of quality and animal welfare. As well as beef, lamb and pork, our meat range includes tender veal, plus venison and other game.

Waitrose veal

Veal has light pink-coloured meat, with a close texture and a delicate, subtle flavour.

Where does Waitrose veal come from?
Our veal is supplied by one farmer in East Anglia, who has supplied us since the early 90s. All the veal we sell is British and comes from calves that are born and reared on British farms. The British calves reared for Waitrose are housed in well-ventilated buildings with plenty of natural light and straw bedding. They're fed a diet of milk, water and cereal, that produces tender delicate meat. We work with our dairy farmers and beef producers to ensure that male calves from Waitrose milk production are offered a viable outlet in Waitrose Beef and veal production.

How do you protect animal welfare?
Animal welfare has a high priority on all the farms that produce Waitrose British veal. Our British farms meet the exacting standards of Assured British Meat (ABM), and are independently audited. The calves are transported by ABM-approved hauliers, and on arrival are given clean water and rest.

Buying Waitrose veal
A small selection of Waitrose veal is available in the prepacked chiller cabinet, all year round. From which we sell products including escalopes, diced and ground veal, chops and a veal roasting joint.

A limited number of branches offer a range of veal from the Meat service counter that includes, liver, escalope, osso bucco, diced veal, stir fry and rib joint.

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Waitrose venison

Venison has a characteristic gamey flavour and a tender, succulent texture, similar to lean roast beef. It naturally contains just enough fat to keep the meat moist and juicy as it cooks.

Where does Waitrose venison come from?
Our venison comes from red deer aged 12-27 months, which are reared on British and New Zealand farms. Raised naturally, with minimal interference, the deer thrive on a grass-based diet, producing tender, well-flavoured meat. All our venison can be traced back to the farms and estates where it was raised.

How do you protect animal welfare?
Waitrose works closely with its Farmers and suppliers to ensure high standards of welfare and husbandry. The deer are transported in line with legal requirements on journey times and number of animals. On arrival, they're inspected, given fresh water and allowed to rest in small, familiar groups.

Buying Waitrose venison
Our venison is available all year round, as steaks and grills, prepacked in the chiller cabinet.

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