Cooking glossary


Plastic freezer bag

A bag made from plastic to store food in the freezer. Waitrose freezer bags are sold on a tear off roll with wire closures and have a white panel with space to write details of the food content and date. Choose from Waitrose large freezer bags (300 x 495mm) sold in packs of 25 and large enough to freeze an 800g loaf, Waitrose medium freezer bags (225 x 351mm) sold in packs of 50 or Waitrose small freezer bags (180 x 229mm) sold in packs of 80.

The bags can be used direct from the freezer to cook vegetables only, in a microwave oven or in boiling water. Remove the wire closure before using in a microwave oven, pierce the bag several times and place in a microwave-proof container. Do not cook the bags for longer than 20 minutes. Waitrose freezer bags are made from Tuflex(r) which is stronger and more resistant to sharp objects than ordinary polythene.