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    Clementine crème caramel

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    Clementine crème caramel

    by Martha Collison

    • Preparation time: 20 minutes + chilling/infusing time
    • Cooking time: 30-35 minutes
    • Total time: 50 minutes

    Makes: 4


    Butter, for greasing
    2 clementines, or easy peelers
    400ml milk
    2 fresh bay leaves
    160g caster sugar
    2 British Blacktail Medium Free Range Eggs
    2 British Blacktail Medium Free Range Egg yolks


    1. Grease 4 x 125ml ramekins lightly with butter, then place inside a roasting tray large enough to fit them all.

    2. Use a peeler to take strips of clementine peel off the outside of both clementines. Try to avoid the white pith, as it can be bitter (you don’t need the fruit in this recipe).Put the zest in a saucepan with the milk and bay leaves. Heat until just steaming, then turn off the heat and leave to infuse for at least 1 hour.

    3. Put 100g caster sugar in a medium saucepan (ideally not nonstick) and add 2 tbsp water. Stir gently over a low heat until the sugar grains have dissolved, then turn up the heat and cook, without touching, until the caramel has turned a deep amber colour. Take off the heat and divide between each ramekin, then leave to harden.

    4. Preheat the oven to 150ºC, gas mark 2 and boil the kettle. Whisk together the eggs, yolks and remaining 60g caster sugar in a measuring jug. Remove the pared zest and bay leaves from the milk, then whisk it into the egg mixture until combined. Skim off any foam. Divide between the ramekins.

    5. Pour the boiling water into the roasting tin until it comes approximately halfway up the sides of each ramekin. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until set, with a slight wobble in the centre. Cool, then chill until cold. Remove from the fridge 30 minutes before you are ready to serve, then run a sharp knife round the edge of each custard and turn out firmly onto individual plates.

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    Martha’s tip These desserts can be made up to 3 days in advance. Just cover them and keep in the fridge until needed. If you don’t have ramekins, you can make this dessert as one large dish or tin. Use an 18cm round cake tin and increase the cooking time to 40-45 minutes.


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