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Fancy a good read over a nice cuppa? Each month, Waitrose Food magazine is brimming with food news, recipes and inspiring stories – and you can now read all the issues from March 2021 onwards here.

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LATEST ISSUE – April 2024


There are certain dishes that elicit a particularly special sort of culinary reaction – generally signalled by a kind of collective intake of gratified breath. I wouldn’t describe these foods as guilty pleasures as such (there’s no guilt around food in our world), more the sort of thing that hits a certain emotional as well as an ‘I really want to eat that right now’ kind of spot. Take our cover star – (store-bought) sourdough bread studded with lashings of cheese and garlicky pesto. Then there’s Georgie Hayden’s outrageously delicious take on a famous ice cream dessert (I’m confident you can work out which one). We also have an ode to Mini Cheddars (so good), bowls of Jersey Royals smothered in aioli, madeleines warm from the oven, pot-roast chicken and a wonderfully simple apricot and custard cake. And my favourite way with baked beans – on buttery, Marmite-toast smothered in punchy Cheddar (page 43). It’s all here for you to enjoy. Let us know how you eat your beans by emailing the address below.

Jessica Gunn Portrait
Jessica Gunn Portrait
Jessica Gunn Signature

Jessica Gunn
Editor, Waitrose Food

Jessica Gunn Signature

Jessica Gunn editor,
Waitrose & Partners Food