Pull up a chair...

... and settle in to watch our Christmas ad, or enjoy reading Let It Snow!, available to buy in store or online (below).

Eating together – the theme for our 2017 Christmas TV ad and new children’s book – celebrates shared mealtimes and great conversations.


"When two families get caught in a snowstorm on Christmas eve, it’s a disaster! They are all quite sure that Christmas is ruined. Can they work together and turn things around? And will they become firm friends filled with Christmas cheer?"


Time-saver #1

‘Blanch all your veg on Christmas eve, then chill in iced water and once cool place in fridge on a jay cloth and cover. Then on Christmas day, simply
re-heat or roast off in half the time.’

Ross Anderson, Cookery School chef at Waitrose Salisbury

Cooking for a crowd

Try one or all of these delicious recipes to share with family and friends - not enough for your crowd? Make two or three batches for extra large gatherings!


Time-saver #2

‘Make sausage rolls in advance, freeze and then defrost and reheat.’ 
Sarah Buck, Cookery School chef at Waitrose Salisbury

Supersize it!

Chocolates, drinks and panettone for festive gatherings


A new take...

‘‘Pour pomegranate molasses into a champagne flute, top with prosecco and garnish with pomegranate seeds for a new take on Kir Royale.’’ 
Andrew Roberts,
Cookery School chef at Waitrose Salisbury

Entertaining with ease

Try our delightful dishes ready prepared for a full house