Tea and coffee


A world of tea and coffee awaits at Waitrose. The beans, the roast, the blend, and the brews - our tea and coffee culture is diverse and refined.

Tea Time

If you enjoy nothing more than a good old-fashioned cup of tea, you’re not the only one. In the UK alone we drink 185 million cups of tea a day - that's 3.4 cups per person over the age of 10. The good news is that our tea habit is one the health experts won't be asking us to change.

Discovered in China over 5000 years ago, tea became associated with health-giving properties around 2700 BC. Unlocking the secrets of this natural beverage, scientists continue to discover its protective antioxidants.

  • Tea contains naturally occurring antioxidants called flavonoids which form an important part of a healthy diet.
  • Tea with milk contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including reasonable quantities of fluoride.
  • Tea has no calories and even when you add semi-skimmed milk it still only contains 14 calories per cup (so long as you don't add sugar).
  • Tea helps us to meet the recommended intake of 6-8 cups of fluid per day, especially when taken as a refreshing thirst-quencher after exercise. Over half our body weight is water and it is important to replenish any fluid loss as soon as possible.

Coffee break

We are proud that our own-label coffee beans come from defined sources as part of our coffee provenance promise. This unique position has been achieved by establishing long term, sustainable relationships with all our coffee producers around the world, including Colombia, India and Indonesia, which proves that close relationships can exist in the developing world as well as on our doorstep.

We are committed to working closely with our coffee producers to ensure they produce top quality beans without cutting corners, and and we receive assurances over the methods used and quality produced. Traditional and modern techniques are combined to great effect while the arrangement ensures trade is ethical and employees are treated fairly. The coffee growers know they get a guaranteed above market rate premium and our customers get a better coffee.

All Waitrose Colombian coffee, for example, comes from just two family estates. The Cafe Mesa de los Santos is owned by Oswaldo Acevedo, who grows all Waitrose organic coffee. Brothers Alesandro and Andres Restrepo own the El Encanto estate, which produces all the other Colombian coffee in the range.

From an unrivalled selection from around the globe, choose from the likes of Mocha Sidamo from Ethiopia or Monsooned Malabar from India. Each one has been sourced from farms distinguished by the Waitrose provenance promise so Waitrose customers can enjoy only the very best coffee.