Expert blends


Tea flavours, just like different wines, are all influenced by the climate, soil and growing conditions of each region in which it is produced.

Unlike other brands of tea, Waitrose speciality teas use mostly traditional whole leaf grades of tea. These are blended by our tea experts to produce a range that reflects the unique flavour of each tea.


From Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), this golden yellow tea has a light, delicate flavour, and can be served with or without milk.


Darjeeling's quality and character make it the 'champagne' among teas. It is pale green in colour and has a fine muscatel aroma.


Lapsang is one of the most distinctive of teas. The leaves are smoke dried using aromatic pine and the result is smoky and smooth. Ideal as an after dinner drink, it is only available in loose leaf form.


This rich and invigorating tea is golden brown in colour and has a smooth rich, malty flavour and aroma.


Though not quite as powerful as Assam, this golden yellow tea still has a strong flavour that is bright and flowery.

Earl Grey

This light brown fragrant tea is an authentic blend of pure China Congou and Pekoe teas delicately complemented by the finest Sicilian bergamot oil. It has a citrus bite and is perfect at any time of day.

English Breakfast

This strong refreshing tea is made from a blend of Assam and Kenyan teas to produce a malty smooth flavour. Ideal for breakfast, it can be enjoyed at any time of day.