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From 5 October 2015, all large retailers in England will charge 5p for single use plastic carrier bags. This follows the introduction of carrier bag charging in Wales (October 2011) and in Scotland (October 2014).

More information and legislation details can be found at, and on These pieces of legislation fit well alongside our wider work to promote the use of reusable bags, encourage sustainability and cut down on waste and litter. This is all part of the Waitrose Way philosophy of 'Treading Lightly', and includes:


A large selection of reusable bags that can be purchased from our local stores

The choice of bagless delivery for majority of online orders

The facility for our drivers to take your used carrier bags away for recycling

Our different carrier bag charges


Shopping at Waitrose branches 
and petrol filling stations

If you do not have your own bags, you will be offered the choice of a Bag for Life that costs 10p or a single use carrier bag at 5p.

Shop Online, You Collect

You can choose to have your collection bagless or in carrier bags.

If you choose to have a bagless collection, you will need to bring your own carrier bags to the branch. A Waitrose partner will then pack your order into your carrier bags.

If you choose to have your collection already prepared in carrier bags, Waitrose will charge a flat fee of 30p.

If you choose to have your delivery to be collected at any of our locker locations, Waitrose will charge a flat fee of 30p. We are currently unable to offer a bagless option for locker collections.

Shop Online, We Deliver

You can have your order delivered in crates or in carrier bags. If delivered in crates, the driver will take them away once unpacked. If you choose to have your delivery in carrier bags, Waitrose will charge a flat rate of 40p per delivery.

Shop in Branch, We Deliver

You can choose to have your shopping delivered bagless or you can purchase Waitrose carrier bags at checkouts.
If you choose a bagless option your delivery will arrive in crates and the driver will take away the crates once the shopping has been unpacked. If you provide your own bags at the checkout then Waitrose will deliver your shopping in these bags.
If you would like to purchase carrier bags at the checkouts the cashier will then charge 5p for each single use carrier bag requested.


Proceeds from bag charging

Every penny raised from the sale of carrier bags at Waitrose branches in England will go into a new community and environmental fund - with no deduction for costs. For the first year we'll be joining with a number of other supermarkets to give the money in this fund to a new world centre of excellence which is being created at University College London, for the care, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's. This centre has the potential to make a difference to thousands of people affected by this disease, which we know has impacted on the lives of many of our Partners and customers

Visit University of London to find out more about how carrier bag charges are helping beat dementia 
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