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we want all food to be eaten

In 2018 we were among the first supermarkets to commit to the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. Devised by sustainability charity WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme), it helps businesses to reduce food waste in shops and supply chains. All our own-brand suppliers in the UK have signed up to it and its target to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

We're also committed to the Courtauld Agreement, which aims to reduce food waste by at least a fifth by 2025, although we're hoping to exceed that target.

Working with the charity FareShare means surplus food in our shops is collected by charities and good causes and turned into meals for those in need. Any food that FareShare cannot take is given to our Partners.


Any surplus food in our shops is collected by FareShare, and redistributed to charities 

We're committed to help halve UK food waste

  • Since March 2017 we have donated the equivalent of 7 million meals to FareShare – that's 3 million kilos of food, saving nearly 9.5 million kilos of CO2 being produced.

  • Give A Little Love, our campaign with John Lewis, raised more than £3 million for FareShare and another charity partner, Home-Start, over Christmas 2020.

  • In 2019 we helped run Community Feasts for FareShare’s charities across the UK and volunteered at 22 regional centres to support their redistribution network. 

  • In the same year, our distribution centres helped redistribute over 197,000 meals to Company Shop, the UK's largest distributor of surplus food.

  • A Little Less Than Perfect is the name of our wonky veg range. It may look unusual, but it’s grown to our usual high standards and always tastes good. 

  • We’re working with suppliers to find creative ways to turn their fruit and vegetable by-products into creative packaging solutions, such as using tomato leaves to create punnets for our Waitrose Duchy Organic tomatoes and gluten-free pasta boxes which are partly made from waste peas and lentils.

  • We strive to buy whole animals from trusted farmers so nothing is wasted. We sell what we call 'forgotten cuts’, such as like pig's cheek, beef short ribs and lamb's liver.

  • We're a strategic partner of Food Waste Action Week and we're committed to helping customers reduce food waste. We have some great tips and useful ideas for using up surplus ingredients here.

Did you know?

At home in the UK each day* more than 20 million slices of bread are thrown away, 3.1 million glasses of milk are wasted, and 920,000 bananas are binned.

*WRAP 2020 data

Finding solutions to a global problem

One third of the food produced worldwide is wasted, and the energy and resources used contribute to climate change. If global food waste were a country, it would be third after China and the US in terms of its carbon output. Our surplus food is donated to FareShare, saving over 9 million kilos of CO2 since 2017. 

To see our food waste figures in full, find out more from the latest John Lewis Partnership Ethics & Sustainability Progress report.

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