Fairtrade bananas


Waitrose became the first supermarket in the UK to sell Fairtrade bananas exclusively in 2007

This was a natural move for us to make, building on the long-term relationships we have with our banana producers and, as a result of the move, the number of ethically sourced bananas in the UK increased by 10%. 

This had a big impact on our small holder farmers as the Fairtrade premium allowed farmers to address the social, economic and environmental challenges they face in their local communities. 

Bananas are grown by millions of small-scale farmers and plantation workers in tropical regions. They are the staple food for millions of people across the world and the favourite fruit in our grocery basket.

In the Dominican Republic, we’re working closely with Fairtrade to improve farming methods and increase productivity on banana plantations. We hope this project will raise incomes of banana workers and ensure the long term sustainability of the banana sector in this area.

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