How to reduce your food waste at home








How to reduce food waste, cut your grocery bills and help the planet


Reducing food waste is a top priority for our business - it makes good commercial and environmental sense. We do not want any food that is fit for consumption going to waste. However, we recognise there is more to be done. We have made significant progress in minimising waste: this includes improving our employee shopping policy, investing in our ordering systems, appointing a new waste contractor and donating more surplus stock from our stores to the local community.



Top 5 food waste tips
Think first

Know your dates

You can ignore ‘best before’, ‘display by’ and ‘sell-by dates’ on packaging. Use by is the only one you need to abide by as it refers to safety. Food can be eaten up to the end of this date but not after - even if it looks and smells fine.

Think first

Think first

If you’re about to throw something away, think if it can be put to another use. Will it go in a stock? Can it be frozen? Check out some recipe ideas below.

Make a shopping list

Make a shopping list

This stops you buying things
you don’t need or duplicating
items you already have. Try photographing the inside of
your fridge as a reminder of what
you have, and go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer every few days to keep track.

Apply FIFO

Apply FIFO

That’s ‘First In, First Out’. When you unpack your shop, organise food by use-by date - new products go at the back, older ones come to the front. That way you’re less likely to forget about food.

Befriend your fridge

Befriend your fridge

Seven out of 10 fridges are kept too warm. Keep yours at 5C. At this temperature food lasts longer and is also more resistant to food poisoning bugs. It’s colder at the bottom so keep perishables such as meat and dairy there, and keep fruit in the fridge for tip-top freshness. Always keep fruit separate from veg as some fruits such as bananas give off natural gases as they ripen, which can affect their neighbours.


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What Waitrose is doing

10 smart
freezer hacks

Knowing how to get the most
out of your freezer is a great
way to keep the food you
buy from ending up in the bin

menu planning

Take one shopping list and
make it last the whole week. That's the advice from celebrity chef Ian Haste. View his 7-day basket recipes for zero waste

What we're doing
about food waste

We want our customers to
enjoy the food they buy, so
we're also working hard to
reduce how much is thrown
away from farm to fork

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