Whether it’s eating alfresco or rustling up a Sunday roast, it’s all too easy to leave food out a bit too long or not cook it long enough. Here are the three Cs of food safety, plus a few tips on barbecuing and problem-free picnicking from the Food Standards agency

Top Tip:

Regularly check that your fridge is cold enough - it should be below 5℃

Eating alfresco

Sizzling barbecues and lazy picnics in the park; eating alfresco is at its height in summer. Here are some handy food safety tips for the season

Food poisoning

The easiest way to protect the family from nasty summer ‘food bugs’ is to store, cook and eat food safely. But, in case you or a loved one gets caught out, it’s a good idea to get to know what to look out for.

Many people mistakenly think that food poisoning is just a passing tummy bug, but it can be really serious – familiarise yourself with the FSA’s guidance so you’re in the know. Summer food poisoning can be attributed to various bugs including Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria and some E. coli