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The market for new and innovative gins is as buoyant and exciting as ever, and our love affair with this classic spirit shows no sign of fading. There’s a staggering amount of choice today, from Japanese gins flavoured with cherry blossom and rosé gins distilled in Provence to London Dry gins made with local botanicals – they’re all here in our award-winning selection

Classic G&T

For many gin lovers, the original G&T cannot be bettered, with its distinctive hit of juniper, crisp cold tonic water and garnishes to suit the mood – traditionally citrus fruit, but increasingly berries and herbs, too. Tanqueray London Dry Gin helped pave the way for the juniper-forward ‘London Dry’ style that’s the gold standard today. First distilled in 1830, the recipe hasn’t changed in almost 200 years: crisp and dry, with notes of juniper, angelica, spicy coriander and liquorice (but unusually for a gin, no citrus), it’s a benchmark G&T gin.

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In the mix

A winning G&T is as much about the tonic as the gin. Classic tonics deliver a citrussy freshness, reviving fizz and just the right amount of bitterness. You could also ring the changes with a flavoured tonic – perhaps a hibiscus and watermelon infusion or hints of cucumber, elderflower or peppercorn. Always serve ice-cold for the best results.

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