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A spirit of many talents

Vodka has launched a thousand cocktails, and matches liqueurs and mixers brilliantly. Its coming-of-age means distillers are experimenting with ingredients, blends and flavours to make it as much of a sipping drink as whisky or rum

Vodka with character

Passion goes into the making of every bottle of Ketel One vodka. Made by 10th Generation distillers from Holland, wheat is distilled in a combination of copper-pot stills and column stills to give it maximum flavour and character. Mineral and fresh, with hints of citrus and spice, it really shines with a mixer such as ginger beer

Ketel One

A truly modern spirit

This premium French vodka is distilled from Ugni Blanc, the grape that's used to make Cognac. It's clean and crisp with elegant floral and citrus notes and works well in cocktails like the grapefruit martini or simply with your favourite tonic water


Reinvent that classic

Make your White Russian even more indulgent by swapping your usual vodka for this version from Absolut, which is flavoured with vanilla from Madagascar. The aroma may make you think of dessert, but the finish is dry, with a hint of pepper

Absolut Vanilia

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Perfect passion-fruit martini

Perfect passion-fruit martini

Easy espresso martini

Bring on the bubbles...