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Preparing for the celebrations

Find delicious treats, gifts, and three mouthwatering Eid recipes from Asma Khan to enjoy cooking and sharing with friends and family

Asma Khan  - Founder of Darjeeling Express restaurant

Asma Khan

Asma is founder of Darjeeling Express restaurant, where home-style Indian dishes are cooked by a team of women, and author of cookbooks including the award-winning Asma's Indian Kitchen

Murgh kabab

chicken kabab

Unlike a dinner party, where guests arrive at the same time and are served together, at Eid visitors drop in all day and food has to be constantly replenished. The chicken kabab can be marinated the night before, skewered in the morning and cooked when required

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Jhingay ki biryani (prawn biryani)

Jhingay ki biryani
Prawn biryani

This is a great alternative to a traditional meat-based biryani, as it’s quicker to prepare and looks amazing. I usually use raw tiger prawns when I make this for Eid but have had equally satisfying results with smaller prawns

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Kesar pista firni (saffron and pistachio rice and cream dessert)

Kesar pista
saffron & pistachio rice and cream

This rice and milk dessert is great for large gatherings. Chopped or ground nuts provide added texture. If you plan to serve the firni at the end of the meal, you can do so in one bowl

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