Sushi Daily

Welcome to Sushi Daily at Waitrose.  You’ll find a beautiful range of fresh, innovative, Japanese-inspired fusion food that is handmade and crafted to perfection by our highly skilled chefs.

Throughout the day you can watch Sushi Artisans at work, producing the freshest quality sushi for you to enjoy now
or later. There’s plenty to choose from, including vegetarian and no raw fish options as well as a variety of platters
made to order.

New black rice range
New black rice range
Sushi platters


Share our big platters

Perfect for a
get-together with friends or an office meeting. All of our platters are freshly prepared on site and can be collected in 20 minutes. Simply call or visit your local branch to place your order.

Beginners Guide to choosing Sushi

Your Sushi Artisan would be delighted to help you with the choice of menu options which are all handmade in store using the highest quality ingredients.


Maki: Seaweed (nori) rice rolls with your favourite filling


Sashimi: Slices of deliciously fresh, succulent raw fish (no rice)

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi: Slices of fresh succulent raw fish on seasoned rice

Crunch Roll

Crunch Roll: Topped with sweet, crispy fried onion


Verde: Sushi rolls wraped in lettuce and sheet of rice

Inside Out Roll

Inside Out Roll: Coated in sesame seed

Chirashi Tartare

Chirashi: Assorted fish served over rice 

Spicy Roll

Spicy Roll: 
Sushi rolls coated in shichimi (Japanese spices)