Silvana Franco shows us how to make Japanese-inspired bowl food with her children Fabio and Cassia in this video filmed in her own kitchen. Click on the image to play the video

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Although Partner and Food Editor Silvana Franco loves seared tuna, it doesn't hold the same appeal for other members of her family.

In this video filmed at home, she shows how easy it is to replace the fish with beef steak for her daughter Cassia, and with smoked tofu for her vegan husband Rob. It is also possible to use salmon, or any other fish with a 'meaty' texture that's going to hold together when placed in the bowl.

Other substitutions Silvana suggests include using cider or white white vinegar if you don't have Japanese. And another type of rice if you can't get your hands on the sushi stuff.

The no-fuss veg prep is something all the family can get involved in. And the red onion and radish pickle can be placed in the fridge for extra zing in dishes using houmous and cheese as well as meat and fish.

Finally, just before the family sits down to eat, they choose from a selection of toppings to suit their tastes.

As Silvana's son Fabio, who's having the seared tuna, says: "This is delicious, Mum."

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