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Your carrier bags BEAT OURS

We’re committed to eliminating all single-use plastics and, where possible, only use plastic that can be reused, recycled or composted at home. 

That’s why we’re asking you to supply your own bags when you shop. If you forget, we have a range of reusable bags available to purchase, as well as our Durabag, made from 100% recycled LDPE plastic, which is reusable and fully recyclable.

Online grocery deliveries and collections are no longer packed in carrier bags, either – which is saving 40 million bags being produced a year.

If you prefer, our drivers will happily help you pack your shopping into your own bags on your doorstep – you just need to have them ready.

Working together on this is the right thing to do to help save our planet. 

Find the answers to frequently asked questions below. There’s more information on how we’re reducing unnecessary plastics here.

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Carrier bags: Q&A

  • What if I forget to bring a bag? We have a range of reusable bags to buy in store. Reusing bags when you shop brings the greatest environmental benefit, because manufacturing a plastic bag uses raw materials, energy and water. You can view our range of long-lasting carriers here.

  • How is my delivery affected by the removal of bags? Our drivers will happily bring your groceries into your home or a location of your choice. If you prefer, you can take the crates into your home or unpack them into your own reusable bags on your doorstep. Just let your driver know when they arrive with your delivery and they will be happy to help you.
  • What about potential leaks and spillages in my grocery delivery? To protect your shopping, we'll pop certain items in a home-compostable bag. You can reuse it to line your food waste caddy, or add it to your compost or green waste bin.
  • How is my online grocery order for collection affected? We'd like you to remember to bring your own bags. But don’t worry if you forget, we have a range of reusable bags in store to buy as a last resort. A Partner will be happy to help with packing.

  • What about if I shop in store, and have my groceries delivered? You are welcome to provide your own bags at checkout.
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Why we DON’T offer PAPER BAGS

It may seem like a good alternative because paper is recyclable, but manufacturing them uses up a lot of energy and water, compared to plastic bags And because it is “unlikely the paper bag can be regularly reused the required number of times due to its low durability", according to The Environment Agency, we’re encouraging shoppers to opt for durable bags and reusing them many times.

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