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It’s an industry-led sourcing initiative, started by chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely, that supports chocolate companies in transforming their cocoa supply chains. The unique sourcing model is based on five principles aimed at ending exploitation in the cocoa industry.

Why is it important?

In Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, where more than two thirds of the world’s cocoa is produced, farmers struggle to earn a living income. This can result in illegal labour on farms, as well as deforestation to increase the amount of land for farming.

Without a better price, farmers cannot farm with nature to increase their productivity and ensure that their children have access to quality education. A more responsible cocoa industry starts with a better price for farmers. 

We’re committed to sourcing cocoa more responsibly, so we’re proud to be part of Tony’s Open Chain. Look out for the yellow logo on Waitrose Belgian and Cooks’ Ingredients chocolate bars.


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The 5 principles of Tony’s Open Chain

The Tony’s Open Chain model is underpinned by 5 sourcing principles that aim to tackle the most important issues in cocoa supply chains.


Traceable beans

Traceability tells us where the beans come from and the environment they were produced in. Without traceability we can’t fix the problems in our supply chain, nor can we celebrate any success.


A higher price

We’re paying an additional premium on top of the Fairtrade certified bean price to support farmers to earn a living income. This is known as the Living Income Reference Price and is essential to help farmers achieve a decent standard of living.


Stronger farmers

We’re working with cooperatives within Tony’s Open Chain who are committed to the model, and who invest in the professionalisation of their members, giving them more power to structurally change inequality.  


Productivity & quality

The farmers in the cooperatives we source from take part in productivity, diversification and quality initiatives to improve their yield whilst reducing the risk of illegal labour on farms.


The long term

In order to give farmers the best chance at breaking the poverty cycle we’ve engaged in a 5 year commitment with Tony’s Open Chain.

“I’m incredibly proud that we’re now sourcing cocoa for nine Waitrose chocolate bars with Tony’s Open Chain. This not only means that we are increasing traceability and transparency in a core part of our cocoa supply chain, but it also means we’re paying these farmers a higher price and supporting their efforts to farm without deforestation. 

"This is hugely important so they can thrive and continue investing in their farms, and so our customers can continue enjoying quality chocolate with strong ethical standards.”

Jemima Jewell, Head of Agriculture and Responsible Sourcing at the John Lewis Partnership

Tony's Open Chain - Farmer

Cocoa farmer from the ESCOPAG cooperative in Côte d'Ivoire

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