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At Waitrose, we’re immensely proud of the hard-working, dedicated farmers who produce our meat, fish, dairy, fruit and veg. They share our commitment to rearing animals with kindness and compassion, and growing food with care for the land.

Follow @waitrosefarmers on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes, mud-and-all look at life on the farm, and scroll down to meet some of our farmers. 

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Meet the Waitrose FARMERS

Lamb farmer

Dan and his dad Huw raise sheep on their farm in Mid Wales. They’ve worked with Waitrose for more than 20 years, and now supply our No.1 Abervale Lamb. Follow @waitrosefarmers to see Dan and Huw shear and wrap sheep fleeces.

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Pig farmer

Todd and his team raise free-range pigs for Waitrose on their farm in Norfolk. Watch Todd's reels on @waitrosefarmers to see his pigs snuffling, rolling in the mud, and doing what pigs love to do. 

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Asapargus expert

Agronomist Claire is an expert in growing asparagus. She works with farmers to help them grow the best asparagus for Waitrose shelves. Check out her videos on @waitrosefarmers – including some little helpful spiders! 

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Organic beef farmer

Farmer Leighton raises organic beef cattle at his beautiful farm in Sussex. He supplies Waitrose Duchy Organic beef. Leighton shares fascinating videos on @waitrosefarmers, such as how the vet pregnancy tests and scans his cows. 

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Burgess farms

Andrew is from Burgess Farms, part of a group of farms that have supplied our potatoes for the past 30 years. Andrew's videos on @waitrosefarmers show you how your favourite spuds get to your plate. 

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Dairy farmer

Grace is a third generation farmer who raises dairy cattle at her family farm in the Malvern Hills, and supplies milk to Waitrose. Grace shares reels on @waitrosefarmers on everything from milking to turning her calf heifers out to grass. 

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Vegetable farmer

Alex farms for family-owned business Suncrop, which has supplied tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to Waitrose for more than 30 years. Watch Alex on @waitrosefarmers doing everything from growing veg to tasting new tomato varieties in the Netherlands!

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Kames fish farm

Cate farms Scottish steelhead trout at the beautiful Loch Melfort on the west coast of Scotland. On @waitrosefarmers Cate shares a glimpse behind the scenes of the fish farm. 

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