Proudly supporting Fairtrade

Waitrose & Partners is proud to support the work of the Fairtrade Foundation, promoting sustainable development in communities around the world.

We sell a range of own-label and branded Fairtrade products in our stores, all of which have been purchased under Fairtrade terms and promote decent working conditions through positive trading relationships.

What are Fairtrade terms?

For most Fairtrade goods, a minimum price is set to cover the cost of sustainable production. This stable income allows farmers to plan for their future. 

There is also a Fairtrade premium paid to workers and farmers to to help improve their social, economic and environmental conditions in the most responsible way possible.

Learn about how Waitrose & Partners supports the Fairtrade suppliers of our cocoa for confectionary, bananas, coffee, tea, sugar and other luxury items and how this investment has a positive imact on communities around the world. 


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