Proudly supporting Fairtrade

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Waitrose Way and treating people fairly, Waitrose is proud to support the work of the Fairtrade Foundation; promoting sustainable development in communities around the world.

We sell a range of own-label and branded Fairtrade products in our stores, all of which have been purchased under Fairtrade terms and promote decent working conditions through positive trading relationships.

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Our Fairtrade Partnership

In 2015, Waitrose announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation, a move which establishes a new way for the two organisations to work together. As well as selling a wide range of Fairtrade products, Waitrose is working on a range of projects in communities to address systemic issues such as living wage and climate change as well as being supported to understand and improve the impact it is having through the Waitrose Foundation. Through this partnership we want to increase the positive social impact we have for workers around the world.

What are Fairtrade terms?

For most Fairtrade goods a minimum price is set to cover the cost of sustainable production. This stable income allows farmers to plan for their future. 

There is also the Fairtrade premium which is an additional sum of money paid to workers and farmers to be spent on improving social, economic and environmental conditions in the best way possible.

Learn about how Waitrose supports Fairtrade, the products themselves, and the impact that Fairtrade provides to communities all over the world

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Leading the way

In 2007 we became the first supermarket in the UK to sell Fairtrade bananas exclusively. This was a natural move for us to make, building on the long-term relationships we have with our banana producers and as a result of the move, the number of ethically sourced bananas in the UK increased by 10%.

Watch Nick Hewer travel with the Fairtrade Foundation to St. Lucia, where he met Waitrose Banana producers


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