Fairtrade cocoa

About Fairtrade cocoa

By selling chocolate as Fairtrade, Waitrose supports the work of the CONACADO Cocoa association in the Dominican Republic, a group representing nearly 10,000 members. Although the price of cocoa has risen recently many cocoa farmers are still living in poverty.  Fairtrade works with farmers through liaison officers who partner the farmers assisting them to comply with Fairtrade’s standards. 

How does Waitrose support Fairtrade cocoa?

Through the premiums generated and returned to the farmers when customers buy Fairtrade chocolate in our stores, Conacado farmers have participated in a diverse range of projects that contribute to both community, personal and economic development. For example, investments in building infrastructure have not only led to cocoa quality improvements, but have also had an impact on improved livelihoods as farmers are able to receive more money for their cocoa. Further projects include:

- Additional Road projects have helped to connect isolated producers with their neighbours

- Wells for potable water in communities

- Houses for members unable to purchase a home on their own

- Collection centres in communities to reduce distance and travel time from harvest to fermentation

Shop fairtrade cocoa

Both Waitrose bestselling ranges in Seriously and Belgian block chocolate carry the fairtrade mark to reflect the fact that the cocoa and sugar, among other ingredients, have been sourced on fairtrade terms