Fairtrade sugar

All Waitrose speciality sugars are now 100% Fairtrade, supporting a sweeter future for Mauritian farmers.

Offering 7 own label speciality sugars ranging from golden caster sugars through to dark brown muscavado sugar, we are the only retailer to offer 100% of our speciality sugars as Fairtrade.

For every tonne of Fairtrade sugar sold by Waitrose 60 USD is returned to our producers in Mauritius to invest in their business and the local community. In the first year of the sugar switch it is predicted that 115,000 USD of Fairtrade premium will be generated.

We firmly believe in the value of building long-lasting relationships that benefit our suppliers and our customers and we’re proud supporters of Fairtrade. Our producers in the Mauritius do an incredible job and their Fairtrade certification means they receive structured support to invest in their businesses, communities and workers.

'Sugar is an essential ingredient for everyday food preparations. Likewise, income that we receive from planting sugarcane is essential for the livelihoods of our family. It greatly helps for my children’s education and medication.

I would like to tell Waitrose customers to encourage us by keeping buying sugar from Mauritius so that we can continue planting sugarcane and earn our living,'  Mrs Soorinah Jagen, member of Camp Diable CCS

Fairtrade sugar plantation in Mauritius

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