Waitrose & Partners Community Matters. We support good causes and our customers decide who gets what

What is Community Matters? 

At Waitrose & Partners, we are part of the communities we work in and this is our way of giving something back.

We started our green token scheme in 2008 and it’s now the longest running community initiative of its kind. 

Sophie Jarvis, Waitrose & Partners community lead, Saltash store

In-store and online, we donate a portion of
money between different charities each month –
and our customers decide who gets what.

So far, we’ve donated over £35 million to good
causes around the country – and there’s still
more to be done.

Sophie Jarvis
Partner & community lead, Saltash store

How it works

How the green token scheme works 

Every month, each store donates a share of £1,000 (£500 in convenience shops) 
between three causes. These could be for local causes like school equipment upgrades,
social welfare carers, aged care or health and wellbeing charity activities. 

In store, customers are given a green token at the checkout to place in one of three
boxes each allocated to a different cause. The more tokens a cause receives, the 
bigger the donation it receives*.

Local groups can contact their local Waitrose & Partners 
store directly to apply for a donation. Our Partners 
then vote on three causes to support each month. 

Shopping online also contributes. After checkout, 
customers vote for one of three national causes, 
just as in our stores, and we donate a share of 
£25,000 between them, every three months. 

*Excludes Welcome Break and Shell

The national causes we’re currently supporting >

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Causes we support: a case study

Local causes

Waitrose & Partners Southend recently donated £524 to local health and wellbeing charity, Trust Links, after the organisation received 50% of the votes from customers, for their cause.

This was a welcome surprise to Matt King, Trust Links CEO who said; 

“One in four people are affected by poor mental health and suicide is the biggest killer of men under 49, so this donation will literally change lives.” 

As part of our Community Matters scheme, £1,000 is shared between three local causes every month and our customers decide who gets what.


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How to apply

Box 1


national charity


If you are a UK-registered national charity please email applications to 
community.matters@waitrose.co.uk giving a brief outline of the organisation’s work (500 words) and details of any current projects seeking funding. 

Box 2

organisation or
local charity

If you are a local charity or 
not-for-profit organisation visit your local Waitrose & Partners store to complete an application and submit
it at the welcome desk. 

A Community Matters Partner will get in touch if your application is successful. 

All applications are held for 6 months.

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How Community Matters started