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Join hosts Jimi Famurewa and Alison Oakervee as they talk to some very special people about what food really means to them. (Scroll down to the end to find out more about the hosts.)

 Food connects us all. We all have something to say about it and it reveals elements of our past, present and future. From favourite dishes and childhood treats to memorable meals and even kitchen disasters, Jimi and Alison take a deep dive into the lives of their guests to create conversations that are fascinating, moving and funny.

Season 2

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Image of  Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

Season 2 Episode 10


13 May 2021

With their London restaurant Honey & Co, as well as their deli, shop and cookbooks, Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich celebrate the vibrant, delicious and diverse food of the Levant and the Middle East. In this week’s episode, the husband and wife team talk about what it’s like to work, cook and live together – mostly harmoniously! -– and describe the dishes and ingredients that inspire them most. 

Sarit and Itamar’s new book, Chasing Smoke, is out now. As well as appearing on Life on a Plate, they have their own podcast, Honey & Co: The Food Talk‬. It's available wherever you get your podcasts and you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter @honeyandco.

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Image of Candice Carty-Williams

Season 2 Episode 1


11 MARCH 2021

In their first interview of Season 2, Jimi and Alison meet Candice Carty-Williams, author of the bestselling 2019 novel Queenie and the first black writer to win Book of the Year at the British Book Awards. Candice tells us about her father’s fried plantain and the challenge of cooking in flatshares – plus why cashews make the best writing fuel.

Queenie is out now and People Person will be released in February 2022. You can follow Candice on Instagram and Twitter @candicec_w

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Image of Cerys Matthews

Season 2 Episode 2


18 MARCH 2021

This week Jimi and Alison meet musician, author and broadcaster Cerys Matthews. Cerys rose to fame with Welsh rock band Catatonia and is now best known for her hugely popular shows on BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 2. In this episode of Life on a Plate she shares her childhood memories of foraging, explains how every meal we eat is seasoned with history and culture – and reveals the one dish she thinks should be banned forever!

Cerys’s cookbook, Where the Wild Cooks Go, is out now. You can follow her on Instagram @cerys6music and Twitter @cerysmatthews.

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Image of Tamal Ray

Season 2 Episode 3

Tamal Ray

25 march 2021

Bake Off finalist Tamal Ray tells Jimi and Alison why baking is his answer to meditation. He describes his work as a frontline NHS doctor during the pandemic, and shares his belief that community and belonging are essential to our health.

You can follow Tamal on Instagram @drraybakes and Twitter @DrRayBakes.

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Image of Minette Batters

Season 2 Episode 4

Minette Batters

1 APRIL 2021

This week Jimi and Alison meet Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers’ Union – the first woman to head the organisation in its 113-year history. She shares with Jimi and Alison her vision for sustainable agriculture and the carbon-neutral farming she says is achievable by 2040 – as well as talking roast lamb and chocolate cornflake cakes…

You can follow Minette on Twitter @Minette_Batters

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Image of Johanna Konta

Season 2 Episode 5


8 APRIL 2021

Johanna Konta, Britain’s top female tennis player, serves an ace in this inspiring episode. She tells Jimi and Alison about the food of her Hungarian heritage and Australian childhood, explains how she balances her relentless training programme with an obsession for muffin-baking, and reveals the one thing she always carries onto court with her… 

You can follow Johanna on Instagram and Twitter @johannakonta

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Image of Tom Allen

Season 2 Episode 6


15 APRIL 2021

Comedian and Celebrity Bake Off veteran Tom Allen has Jimi and Alison in fits of laughter as he describes his adolescent obsession with table etiquette and using the correct cutlery, and talks about the awkwardness – and joy – of not being quite like anyone else.

You can follow Tom on Instagram @tomindeed and Twitter @tomallencomedy

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Image of Heston Blumenthal

Season 2 Episode 7


22 APRIL 2021

He may be a world-famous, game-changing chef but Heston Blumenthal is also warm, funny and absolutely fascinating. In this episode, he chats to Jimi and Alison about his extraordinary studies into food – including talking to rice – and his endless quest to learn more about the way our environment, our psychology and our emotions affect what we taste. He even has a few experiments for you to try at home.

As well as appearing on Life on a Plate, Heston has his own podcast, Journey to the Centre of Foo‪d‬. It's available wherever you get your podcasts and you can find out more on Instagram @hestonspodcast

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Image of Adrianna Herbert

Season 2 Episode 8


29 APRIL 2021

One of the wellness world's leading voices, Adrienne Herbert is an inspirational fitness expert, podcaster and TED speaker, whose hit book Power Hour aims to help us all make more of the first hour of the day. She talks to Jimi and Alison about going with the flow of the ‘seasons’ in our lives, being kind to ourselves and others – and the secret ingredient in her never-fail banana bread recipe.

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Image of Dev Griffin

Season 2 Episode 9


6 May 2021

This episode’s brilliant guest is DJ Dev Griffin, a veteran of Radio 1 now with a brand new show on Heart. Dev talks about his childhood as the ‘baby boy’ in a houseful of women and his exploration of his heritage through music and food. He describes his all-or-nothing approach to learning to cook and the legacy of his time on Celebrity Masterchef and on SAS Who Dares Wins. He also reveals an eyebrow-raising breakfast choice from his days as an early morning presenter!

You can listen to Dev’s show on Heart from 12-4pm every Saturday. You can follow him on Instagram @dev and Twitter @dev_101

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Season 1

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Image of Nadiya Hussain

Season 1 Episode 1

Nadiya Hussain

7 JANUARY 2021

In the very first episode of Life on a Plate, Jimi and Alison beam into the kitchen of Nadiya Hussain, trailblazing winner of the Great British Bake Off 2015. 

A whirlwind of creativity, Nadiya has written five cookbooks, broadcast six TV series and even produced several children’s books since then, despite her ongoing struggles with anxiety. As well as asking how she does it, Jimi and Alison talk to her about eating cake for the first time, overcoming fear and making space for a new generation of cooks and bakers.

Nadiya’s new book Nadiya Bakes (Penguin, 2020) is out now and you can follow her on Instagram, @nadiyajhussain.

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Image of Sarah Millican

Season 1 Episode 2


14 JANUARY 2021

This week, Jimi and Alison chat to Sarah Millican, one of Britain’s most popular comedians – and a devoted home baker. 

Beloved for her warmth and candid humour, Sarah is a regular on television programmes such as Have I Got News for You and Mock the Week, and also has her own podcast, Standard Issue. She explains why you should eat what makes you happy – including biscuits for breakfast.

Tickets to Sarah’s 2021/22 Bobby Dazzler tour are available now and you can follow her on Instagram @thesarahmillican and on Twitter @sarahmillican75.

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Image of Tamal Ray

Season 1 Episode 3


21 JANUARY 2021

In this episode, Jimi and Alison talk to Tom Kerridge, the multi-award-winning chef and author. 

Tom explains his love affair with the ‘pirate ship’ that is a professional kitchen, revealing that it’s the chaos, noise and broken plates that help to keep him going. Plus, his passion for pubs, what he likes to cook for Sunday lunch – and tips on how not to grow pumpkins…

Tom’s latest book, The Hand and Flowers Cookbook, is out now and his series Saving Britain’s Pubs is on BBC iPlayer. You can follow him on Instagram @cheftomkerridge and on Twitter @ChefTomKerridge

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Image of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Season 1 Episode 4


28 JANUARY 2021

Join Jimi and Alison as they delve into the world of campaigner and broadcaster Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Celebrated for his work on animal welfare and sustainability, Hugh’s focus these days is on human health, as well as the health of the planet. He talks low-sugar baking, alcohol-free cocktails and the joy of simple, whole foods. You’ll also hear about Hugh’s very short career as a pastry chef and how he persuades his kids to love veg.

Hugh’s latest book, Eat Better Forever, is out now. You can follow him on Instagram @hughfearnleywhittingstall and on Twitter @HughFW

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Image of Asma Khan



4 FEBUARY 2021

Jimi and Alison meet Asma Khan, the groundbreaking chef using food to make the world a better place. 

The founder of London restaurant Darjeeling Express, where home-style Indian dishes are cooked by a team of women, Asma is passionate about championing sidelined communities. She explains why food can help us connect with each other ­– and why you’ll never find okra fries on her menu.

Follow Asma Khan on Instagram @asmakhanlondon and on Twitter @Asma_KhanLDN.

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Image of Joanne Harris



11 FEBRUARY 2021

This episode, Jimi and Alison are joined by Joanne Harris, the author of more than 20 bestselling works of fiction. 

Joanne was born above a Yorkshire sweet shop and food flavours many of her novels – most famously Chocolat, which was turned into an Oscar-nominated film. She talks about why French food is part of her cultural identity, what it was like to become famous overnight, and the quiet pleasure of growing her own vegetables.

Joanne’s latest book is Ten Things About Writing. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Joannechocolat.

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Meet your hosts

Image of Alison

ALison Oakervee

A food editor at Waitrose for almost 20 years, Alison has unrivalled expertise in food, recipes and home-cooking – and she knows a lot about Waitrose, too. She is the editor of Share: The Women for Women Cookbook, a collection of recipes and stories from women in war-torn countries, alongside contributions from international chefs and humanitarians.


Image of Jimi


A freelance writer, editor and podcaster, Jimi has a passion for food and the stories around it. Since 2018, he has been restaurant critic for The Evening Standard. He also makes regular television appearances, including MasterChef. In 2017 his story, Teddybird, made the shortlist of the Guardian and 4th Estate’s BAME Short Story Prize. He lives in south-east London with his wife, their two sons and an uncommonly needy cat called Tango.