Image of Life on a Plate hosts
Image of Life on a Plate hosts
Image of Life on a Plate hosts

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Join hosts Jimi Famurewa and Alison Oakervee as they talk to some very special people about what food really means to them. (Scroll down to the end to find out more about the hosts.)

 Food connects us all. We all have something to say about it and it reveals elements of our past, present and future. From favourite dishes and childhood treats to memorable meals and even kitchen disasters, Jimi and Alison take a deep dive into the lives of their guests to create conversations that are fascinating, moving and funny.


Image of Nigella Lawson

Baking special



This week’s episode of Life on a Plate is a baking special with an incredible line-up of expert guests: Nigella Lawson, Edd Kimber and Ravneet Gill, who join Jimi Famurewa and guest co-host Martha Collison. As well as addressing the pressing question of whether there can ever be too many brownie recipes, the panel discuss why baking brings so much joy to so many of us and why imperfect-looking bakes are often the best.

Image of Nigella Lawson
Image of the scummy mummies

Bonus episode



Comedy duo the Scummy Mummies (aka Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn) are this week’s guests on our Life on a Plate back-to-school special. They’ll be joining Jimi Famurewa to discuss everything from dinner ladies and chocolate custard to the endless quest for a healthy lunchbox – and plenty more besides. 


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Meet your hosts

Image of Alison

ALison Oakervee

A food editor at Waitrose for almost 20 years, Alison has unrivalled expertise in food, recipes and home-cooking – and she knows a lot about Waitrose, too. She is the editor of Share: The Women for Women Cookbook, a collection of recipes and stories from women in war-torn countries, alongside contributions from international chefs and humanitarians.


Image of Jimi


A freelance writer, editor and podcaster, Jimi has a passion for food and the stories around it. Since 2018, he has been restaurant critic for The Evening Standard. He also makes regular television appearances, including MasterChef. In 2017 his story, Teddybird, made the shortlist of the Guardian and 4th Estate’s BAME Short Story Prize. He lives in south-east London with his wife, their two sons and an uncommonly needy cat called Tango.