Life on a Plate is a brand new podcast from Waitrose. Join hosts Jimi Famurewa and Alison Oakervee as they talk to some very special people about what food really means to them. (Scroll down to the end to find out more about the hosts.)


Food connects us all, we all have something to say about it and it reveals elements of our past, present and future. From favourite dishes and childhood treats to memorable meals and even kitchen disasters, Jimi and Alison take a deep dive into the lives of their guests to create conversations that are fascinating, moving and funny.

In season one, baking guru Nadiya Hussain talks chicken doughnuts and cow’s tongue, the hilarious Sarah Millican explains why it’s absolutely fine to eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast, and uber-chef Tom Kerridge reveals how chaos and broken plates keep him motivated. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall offers some advice on low-sugar baking and how to drink a little less, restaurateur Asma Khan shares her truly inspiring world-view and novelist Joanne Harris waxes lyrical about chocolate and anchovies (not at the same time).

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Sarah MIllican 

14 January 2021

This week, Jimi and Alison chat to Sarah Millican, one of Britain’s most popular comedians – and a devoted home baker. 

Beloved for her warmth and candid humour, Sarah is a regular on television programmes such as Have I Got News for You and Mock the Week, and also has her own podcast, Standard Issue. She explains why you should eat what makes you happy – including biscuits for breakfast.

Tickets to Sarah’s 2021/22 Bobby Dazzler tour are available now and you can follow her on Instagram @thesarahmillican and on Twitter @sarahmillican75.

Explore this episode in your kitchen

If, like Sarah, you’re a fan of proper home cooking such as a crunchy baked potato or a comforting roast, co-host Alison recommends checking out our guides to cooking the perfect jacket potato and the ultimate roast dinner. And this chocolate banana bundt with caramel frosting recipe is a great one to try if you’re inspired by Sarah’s description of her favourite chocolate and banana cake. 

Sarah's store-cupboard hero

“Something we seem to rattle through is vinegar,” says Sarah. “If we’ve run out of rice vinegar we just put normal vinegar in – we get through malt vinegar quite a lot, it’s really useful to have in.”

Essential malt vinegar



7 January 2021

In the very first episode of Life on a Plate, Jimi and Alison beam into the kitchen of Nadiya Hussain, trailblazing winner of the Great British Bake Off 2015. A whirlwind of creativity, Nadiya has written five cookbooks, broadcast six TV series and even produced several children’s books since then, despite her ongoing struggles with anxiety. As well as asking how she does it, Jimi and Alison talk to her about eating cake for the first time, overcoming fear and making space for a new generation of cooks and bakers.

Nadiya’s new book Nadiya Bakes (Penguin, 2020) is out now and you can follow her on Instagram, @nadiyajhussain.

Explore this episode in your kitchen

If you're inspired by Nadiya's description of her first bake, co-host Alison recommends this ultimate Victoria sandwich, which is just as good with a thick layer of jam when raspberries are out of season. For listeners who would like to try cooking using less fashionable cuts of meat, this spiced tagine recipe uses tender lamb neck. And for a recipe using scraps of vegetables, this gratin includes potato peelings in the crispy topping. Yes, it's rather festive, but the topping can be used all year on lots of other dishes.

Nadiya's store-cupboard hero

"I always have harissa – it’s one of those things that’s just really easy to use," says Nadiya. "Whether you’re stirring it through pasta or spreading it on toast with a poached egg and some honey, it adds flavour to anything."

Cooks' Ingredients harissa

Meet your hosts

ALison Oakervee

A food editor at Waitrose for almost 20 years, Alison has unrivalled expertise in food, recipes and home-cooking – and she knows a lot about Waitrose, too. She is the editor of Share: The Women for Women Cookbook, a collection of recipes and stories from women in war-torn countries, alongside contributions from international chefs and humanitarians.



A freelance writer, editor and podcaster, Jimi has a passion for food and the stories around it. Since 2018, he has been restaurant critic for The Evening Standard. He also makes regular television appearances, including MasterChef. In 2017 his story, Teddybird, made the shortlist of the Guardian and 4th Estate’s BAME Short Story Prize. He lives in south-east London with his wife, their two sons and an uncommonly needy cat called Tango.