Fire up the barbecue for this deliciously smoky feast that will have them all coming back for seconds

This is the kind of dish that looks really impressive but is actually very easy to make. If you prepare the gremolata and the chilli dressing while the barbecue is heating up, then cook the rice while the lamb is on the grill, you’ll have your morning free.  

You can buy the lamb from the service counter and ask the butcher to butterfly it for you. Alternatively, use the extra trimmed whole boneless leg as I have here. Just open it out and flatten it slightly if the thickness is uneven.  

Gremolata is traditionally made with parsley but I’ve used coriander to create a wonderfully aromatic sauce to drizzle over the lamb. Cooking the rice in coconut water gives it a lovely delicate sweetness that works really well with the lamb and the contrasting salsa. For this, I’ve barbecued the pineapple to concentrate the flavour and the juices. I think it goes brilliantly with the tender lamb but you could try it on spicy pork chops or chicken thighs - anything with a bit of a kick. 

This recipe serves six to eight so you may end up with plenty of scrumptious leftovers that are great in sandwiches or a shepherd’s pie.   

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