At Waitrose & Partners, we've created a ‘marque’ to highlight our award-winning credentials in making sure the livestock that goes into our pre-packed fresh products have a good life. 

The logo features either a chicken, cow, pig, lamb or fish inside a heart shape, and is being applied to a host of fresh products which includes meat and milk.

We have received the Compassion in World Farming Best Retailer award, as well as CiWF’s Good Pig, Good Egg and Good Dairy awards.

We also hold CiWF’s Good Chicken award and are committed to selling only chickens sourced to industry-leading high welfare standards.

That means all chickens – whether sold as whole birds, chicken pieces or ingredients in ready-meals and sandwiches – are reared with 20% more space than the industry standard and with straw bales to perch on to keep them fit and active.The chickens are reared in purpose-built houses with large windows down each side to allow in lots of natural light.

Free range, organic and corn-fed organic birds conform to even higher standards – for example, more space per bird and access to the outside during the daytime for at least half their lives.


‘This new marque is a pledge to customers of our animal welfare standards. We work closely with our UK farmers to ensure all the livestock that provide the meat products we sell are reared to high welfare standards, and we have an unrivalled pedigree of good animal welfare practices.”

Jemima Jewell, Partner and corporate responsibility lead


In March 2019, we signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment and have already met most of the requirements. We are now researching new slower-growing breeds, which could improve welfare even further.

Waitrose & Partners animal welfare commitment

We work closely with UK farmers to ensure that the livestock that provides the meat products we sell is reared to higher welfare standards

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