Silvana and her son Fabio show us how to make spicy fried chicken burgers with a refreshing slaw


If like Fabio you’ve been really missing takeaway fried chicken, this is the treat for you. Silvana serves hers with a cabbage and pickled cucumber slaw to cut through the richness and add some bite.

She starts by tenderising flattened chicken breasts in buttermilk for a couple of hours before coating in a mix of plain flour, herbs and spices for that gorgeous crispy crust.

The oil needs to be heated to 175°C; Silvana says you can check by dropping in a cube of bread – it should turn golden brown in about 40 seconds. Now it’s time to fry. In only six to eight minutes, you’ll have beautifully browned chicken that should be cooked all the way through. Check by slicing into the thickest part – there should be no pink meat and the juices will run clear.

For an extra-special touch, serve in buttery brioche buns, slathered with garlic mayo, and top with the slaw. Irresistible!

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