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A belief in quality

Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality and freshness of our food. It is what our customers want, and it is what gives us our edge over other supermarkets.

We are part of the John Lewis Partnership

When John Spedan Lewis, the founder of our business, gave the Partnership to his employees in 1929, his ultimate purpose was to balance the happiness of Partners with a successful business. His vision was for a business powered by its people and its principles.

So since the day our doors opened we've built our business on the principle that we are stronger when we work together.  It starts with the co-ownership model - and through our Partners, who own a stake in the business and share its profits and success, we bring benefits to our customers, our suppliers and to the wider society and communities.

A Partnership

Unlike other major supermarkets, Waitrose isn't owned by shareholders and the City. Instead, as part of the John Lewis Partnership, it's owned by everyone who works for the Partnership. (That's why Waitrose staff are called 'partners'.) And every year they share the profits that would normally go to shareholders. As you would expect this produces an extraordinary high level of committment amongst those who work in our stores.

A good proportion of our Partners have worked for Waitrose for many years - over 20 is not unusual. They're interested in what they do and they're knowledgeable about what they sell. And the friendliness and helpfulness that our customers so often remark upon isn't really surprising when you realise that the Partners you meet in your local Waitrose do, in effect, own the store.

One of our business principles sets out our commitment to contributing to the wellbeing of the communities where we operate.  We believe that we can play a vital role in supporting towns and city centres and we want to build stronger relationships with our neighbours and attract and retain local people.  We invested nearly £10million in our communities last year.  We support a diverse range of community initiatives and we constantly appraise and prioritise how we can best serve our communities to maximise the positive impact we can have. Our vision is to create healthier and happier communities.

We are committed to bringing you the best quality food.

Should you not enjoy one of our products, tell us and we’ll replace and refund you. It is our policy to replace or refund you for Waitrose food and household lines if:

  • a product is not at fault, but genuinely bought by mistake
  • you are unhappy with the product in anyway

Applies to Waitrose produced foods and household goods. Collect in branch. Excludes Ocado.

Of vital importance to us is the provenance and traceability of the food that is on our shelves. Each of our buyers is an expert in his or her own field. Their job is to seek out the best sources of the best quality food and unusual ingredients that can't be found in other supermarkets. Much of their time is spent with the farmers, growers and suppliers, building relationships based on trust and respect. Wherever possible our buyers buy British. Increasingly, they are also sourcing local produce from small growers and suppliers close to individual Waitrose stores.

Learn more about Waitrose Sourcing.

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Price commitment

Because Waitrose has such an enviable reputation for quality, and doesn't try to grab the headlines with price-cuts the way other supermarkets do, it's easy to assume that we're expensive. This simply isn't the case.

Each week we check the price of selected everyday items we all need to buy - like bread, toothpaste, milk, etc - against those in other supermarkets, to make sure you're getting consistent good value for money. Our Price Commitment is a promise to continue bringing you quality food that is honestly priced and so represents excellent value. And on top of this, you'll find literally hundreds of our 'Outstanding Offers' on the shelves.

You can see just some of the hundreds of current offers here.

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Lower Prices

We’re working hard to help you spend less on everyday items. In the last few months we’ve lowered the prices of many products, including more than 1500 branded favourites.

We’ve introduced bigger, better and more frequent special offers, too. Look out for great offers and new lower prices in your local Waitrose next time you’re shopping.

You can see just some of the hundreds of current offers here.

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Royal Warrant

Waitrose holds a Royal Warrant with Her Majesty The Queen. A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain members of the Royal Family. They have always been regarded as a mark of excellence and quality, and are highly prized. Waitrose previously held a longstanding Warrant with Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Find out more about The Royal Warrant Holders Association (This link opens a new window).

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Easier shopping

Here are just a few of the ways we make shopping easier for our customers:

  • Packing at checkouts: Just ask and we will pack your shopping for you.
  • Carry to car service: We can carry your shopping to your car and stow it away.
  • Wheelchair and wheelchair trolleys: We have wheelchairs that customers can use. Specially designed trolleys are also available for customers using wheelchairs.
  • Ordering online: You can order wine for home delivery from Waitrose Wine Direct (Telephone: 0800 188 881)
    Flowers and gifts can also be offered online and delivered by John Lewis Direct (Telephone 08456 049 049 and quote WR01)
  • Accompanied shopping: Our staff are available to accompany you around the shop to help you with your selections.
  • Service call facility at our petrol stations: If you need help to fill your car, press the 'service call' button and our staff will fill up your car for you.
  • Customer collection point: In our Food and Home branches you can have all your purchases delivered to our collection point for collection by car.
  • Free minicab phone
  • Toilets with wheelchair access

If you would like more information on our services for disabled customers, ask a member of staff at your local branch or contact our Customer Service department. Follow this link to find your nearest Waitrose supermarket. Check our maps for a full list of Waitrose supermarkets in London and England, Scotland and Wales.

Freephone and Typetalk calls: 0800 188 884.


Please note that some of these services are only available in selected branches.

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Waitrose Entertaining

Waitrose Entertaining can help you cater for any event, from home entertaining for a few friends to special occasions such as a wedding reception for hundreds.

With menu ideas including oven ready dishes, canapés, celebration cakes, and fruit baskets, Waitrose Entertaining will bring something special to any occasion you may be planning.

For a Waitrose Entertaining catalogue and more information please call at the Customer Order Point in your local branch.

Browse and order from Waitrose Entertaining.

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Quick Check

Quick Check is our scan as you shop service. Using a handheld scanner, you scan each item as you take it from the shelves and pack as you go. When you have finished shopping, all that is left to do is pay at the Quick Check till, without having to unpack and re-pack your shopping. If paying using a debit, credit or account card you can save even more time by using Quick Pay. Quick Check is available in a number of branches. We will also supply special reusable bags to our partnership cardholders and Waitrose and John Lewis account card cardholders.

Find out which branches offer Quick Check and Quick Pay

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Home delivery

At selected branches you can choose to have your shopping delivered to your home. There is a £5 delivery charge for orders up to £50. The delivery charge is reduced to £3 for orders over £50. If you pay with your partnership card or with your Waitrose or John Lewis account card you can take advantage of our Fast track service. On completing your shopping take your goods to the Delivery Service Desk or Fast track collection point and we'll do the rest for you - there's no need for you to go through the checkout.

Find out which branches offer home delivery.

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Bag for life

Waitrose was the first supermarket to offer a bag for life. Just 10p buys you a Waitrose bag - quite literally - for life. Simply bring your old bag for life in when it's worn out and we'll give you a new one for free.

Find out more about what Waitrose is doing to combat waste.

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Branch extras

We can lend you wine and beer glasses, and even fish kettles, free of charge. You will only pay for any breakages. Please ask at the Customer Service Point in-branch for details.

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