About our turkeys

About our turkeys

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Turkey farmer

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About our farmer

A former Farmer’s Weekly Young Farmer of the Year, Jonathan Skinner started rearing his own flock of turkeys when he was still at university. Still only 28, he now looks after 94,000 birds on his family farm in Norfolk.


‘They’re traditional Bronze turkeys, which are a slow-growing breed, with really succulent, well-flavoured meat,’ he says. ‘And we rear them free range – they’re indoors at night for protection from foxes, but during the day, they’re outside. There’s about an acre of space per 1000 birds, with trees and shrubs and crops like forage beet they can amuse themselves with. They’re inquisitive birds, and they’ll go right to furthest part of the range.’

About our turkeys

Like all Waitrose turkeys, the birds are reared to the highest welfare standards.

‘That’s really important to me,’ says Jonathan. ‘We walk through three or four times a day, checking them, and every morning we put down straw from the farm, so they’ve always got fresh bedding and the buildings are nice and clean. You can see they’re happy, roaming around all day. My view is, if you treat animals the way you’d want to be treated, you don’t go far wrong.’