We're committed to reducing our impact on the environment by reducing waste and eliminating single-use plastic

Plummet of tomatos

We’re reducing unnecessary plastics

All own-brand packaging will be reusable, widely recyclable or home-compostable by 2023

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Bring your own containers

Unpacked offers customers the chance to shop using much less packaging

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Carrier bags

Join the reusable revolution

Bringing your own bags has a greater environmental benefit than bags for life

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We want all our food to be eaten

How we're reducing food waste in our shops, deliveries and supply chain

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Our farming

We believe that the best quality food comes from livestock and crops that are well cared for

Leading standards

Fairtrade farmer


We're contributing to the wellbeing of communities where we operate – both in the UK and abroad

What we're doing

Waite, Rose and Taylor shop

Company information

Waitrose has grown into a global business from a single shop in Acton opened in 1904

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