In Italy, each region has its own signature pasta dish or shape. Cavatelli are little shells from Puglia in southern Italy that are made using semolina so you get a nice firm dough that’s easy to shape. My ‘nonna’ taught my mum how to make these and she passed the method on to me and now I’m teaching Cassia. 

For this dish, the cavatelli are topped with a tomato-based sauce in which I’ve slowly cooked rolls of flattened, stuffed rump steak to give it a lovely meaty richness. 

I’d serve this as a belly-filling Sunday lunch with the family. Here, I’ve sliced the meat on top of the pasta but in Italy you’d serve it separately as another course with a green salad and perhaps some diced potatoes roasted with olive oil and rosemary. Buon appetito!  

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