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Top tip - Oil and cream = a closer shave

For a smoother shave try applying a pre-shave oil, followed by a coating of shave cream. Allow the cream to set into the hair for two minutes before commencing your shaving routine. Using this combination provides two layers of lubrication which helps with a smoother glide for the razor and a closer shave in the first razor pass

Top tip - Did you know shaving removes up to two layers of your skin?

A simple way to soothe and protect your skin after shaving is to apply a moisturising lotion. Look for a fragrance free moisturiser which will absorb quickly and avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, these will only irritate your skin

Top tip - Never shave the same spot twice

Shaving the same spot multiple times can result in cuts and razor burn. The best solution is to avoid multiple back-and-forth passes with the razor. Shave once, lather the face as before, and shave again for problem spots