Scroll down to choose a selection of cheeses – a mix of hard, soft, mild and strong is a  winning combination. Try a rich aged Cheddar, a creamy Brie and a Shropshire blue with a beautiful tang, or opt for a silky soft cheese, a hard and nutty French cheese, a strong and earthy Camembert and a gorgeous goat’s cheese. Then add the all the extras, including crackers, chutney, fruit, and wine.


Need expert wine pairing advice? With such a variety of flavours and textures on a cheeseboard, one style of wine is unlikely to suit all. White wines are generally an easier match – a creamy, barrel-aged Chenin or Chardonnay suits Brie or Cheddar, while an elegant Sauvignon is delicious with goat's cheese. Aged, complex reds (a go-to choice for cheese) can easily be overwhelmed – it's often younger reds with a nip of tannin that can take on a ripe, soft cheese.

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