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Professional style at home

Richard Ward’s new and exclusive range; The Chelsea Collection helps you achieve that luxurious, salon perfect finish at home.

The secret to Richard’s special collection is his hero ingredient KERATIN, which is hair’s natural protein and the key to healthy, glossy hair. Using the latest in Keratin-infusion technology, the new range of cleansing, conditioning and styling products help replenish lost Keratin and rebuild the hair’s natural fibres for lustrous looking locks.

Take your pick from 3 different types of shampoo and conditioner, 2 treatments and 3 styling products for expert results, everyday.

The Chelsea Blow Dry

Tending to the tresses of celebrity clients, Richard is renowned for his signature look, the ‘Chelsea Blow Dry’. Full of volume with a mirror-like finish, you can recreate Richard’s world famous Chelsea Blow Dry at home with his new Keratin Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. To give your roots an extra boost, try Richard’s Keratin Bulking Spritz for weightless volume with a polished edge, a look that’s synonymous with Chelsea style.


Richard Ward's top 5 summer hair tips

1) Get protected

Hair can burn and get dehydrated just like your skin, so for extra protection swap your usual shampoo and conditioner for UV Colour Lock formulated ones.

2) Fight the frizz

Frizzy hair is caused by moisture and humidity in the air, drying out your hair, so don’t be tempted to dampen it down with water as this will dry it out again. Use only one frizz control product like a protective hairspray or leave-in conditioner as piling on products only exacerbates the problem. 

3) Prolong your colour

Use a product that cares for coloured hair and has a built-in UV protection.  UVA and UVB ingredients in a product will reduce colour fading and protect the hair against sun damage.

4) Cut and gloss

Always have a trim before you go away to minimise any damage. While away, top up your colour with a gloss as hair tones fade in the sun and need that re-injection of colour mid-visit. Most good salons should be able to custom-mix a colour gloss for you.

5) Plait it

Plaits are a great way to protect frazzled ends and reduce the effects of humidity and damp weather. The braiding technique ensures the majority of ends are 'tucked in' and not exposed to environmental damage.