Make your own traditional pudding with our collection
of tried and tested Christmas pudding recipes.
They’re easy to prepare and the outcome
is a festive dessert classic that is
gloriously rich and fruity

With an alluring mix of spices, dried fruit and alcohol, a Christmas pudding is superb served warm with dollops of cream, custard or brandy butter.  Guaranteed to put you in a festive mood, the secret to success  is a dark colour and rich flavour which comes from the quality of the ingredients used and the length of time it’s cooked and matured.


There's nothing quite like a classic Christmas pudding to bring your Christmas lunch to a close and this one is incredibly easy to make

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Inspiring ways to use up leftover Christmas pudding


Christmas pudding brownies

These fudgy, spiced brownies are great
served chilled as a festive afternoon treat, or
warm for dessert with ice cream

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Christmas pudding filo cigars

Softened Christmas pudding encased
in cripsy filo pastry – a wonderful way
to use up leftovers

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