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Balsamic glaze

Balsamic glaze

A rich, flavoursome syrupy glaze made from balsamic vinegar produced in Modena in Italy. Balsamic vinegar is a very dark brown colour and has a deep, rich flavour with hints of herbs and port, the glaze is a reduced, thicker, sweeter version. Blaze Balsamic Glaze is available from Waitrose.

Balsamic glaze can be added to a variety of savoury and sweet dishes. It can be added to salads, grilled meats or meaty fish such as tuna or swordfish. Include balsamic glaze in pasta dishes, grilled vegetables and risotto. Balsamic glaze can also be drizzled over ice cream or strawberries to bring out their flavour.

To store:
Keep in a cool, dark place and consume by the best before date.

To use:
Balsamic glaze does not need to be cooked so can be added at the end of cooking. Simply sprinkle a few drops over the food, straight from the bottle.